Buy First Crop’s WellHealed Product lines with Confidence

Our CBD extract is produced from hemp grown organically on small farms in the San Luis Valley of Colorado and in Northern New Mexico. We then process our hemp using CO2 extraction technology which produces the purest CBD using no solvents or chemicals.

We combine only the highest quality, most effective natural and organic ingredients available with our CBD and each ingredient is selected with great care to ensure maximum efficacy and an eco-friendly supply chain. All of our formulations and final products undergo rigorous 3rd party testing. Our seed to shelf quality control guarantees you will receive the highest quality CBD products on the market.


CBD Healing Salve- 400 MG of CBD in Each 1 oz. Jar

Soothes joint and muscle pain caused by strenuous exercise and overuse.

Use before bed for a good night sleep.

High CBD Body Oil Formula- 100 MG of CBD in each Tincture

Broad spectrum extra strength formula. Soothing, luxurious, deeply penetrating and easily absorbed. A luxurious blend of CBD oil and natural botanicals makes this oil the perfect complement to your favorite body cream or lotion.

CBD Body Lotion- 400 MG of CBD in Each Bottle

Essential oils combine forces with CBD to heal the skin, provide luster and balance to the body and calm the mind.

Helps you to relax, eases stress and anxiety.

Super Capsules- 25 MG per Capsule

Pure, concentrated CBD in capsule form. Easy to take.  Morning and evening.

Feel reborn and focused every day. Nature nurtures.

Body Butter- 200 MG of CBD in Each Jar

Formulated for today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle. Gives luster to the skin, balance to the body and happiness to the mind.

Facial Serum- 200 MG of CBD in Each Jar

CBD’s are natural wound healers. As the skin is exposed to the elements of life over time, wounds occur in the structure of the skin. Our Face Serum stimulates the body’s natural healing response to increase the production of cells that give your skin a firm, youthful appearance.