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Seeds, Consulting, Processing and Profit Sharing

Our Regenerative Business Model

We empower farmers by providing them with the seed, expertise, products and services they need to grow the best hemp using only organic farming practices so we can provide you with the highest quality CBD products available. We treat our farmers like the partners that they are and share our profits with them. We promote regenerative farming practices to nurture the soil not just for this year’s crop but for future generations. And we support the communities in which we work through a generous charitable giving program.


Benefits to First Crop Farmers and Communities

Higher Prices: A First Crop hemp farmer can earn up to $20,000 or more per acre growing hemp vs. $600-$800 for other staple crops such as corn, soybeans and potatoes.

Lower Costs: subsidized seeds and supplies to increase affordability and ensure quality.

Knowledge: expertise focused on regenerative farming practices to maximize quality,
optimize yields and restore the land.

Facilities - drying, storage and processing of the crop.

Guaranteed Market: purchase harvested crop at fair market prices.

Profit Sharing: 5% of profits shared with our farmers.

Donations: 10% of profits donated to support rural communities



~ To create a national community of hemp farmers who benefit from a systematic,
scalable and replicable cultivation, production and sales model.

~ To foster financial inclusion through a partnership model based on shared purpose,
commitment, profit sharing, transparency, rules and quality standards.

~ To achieve ecological improvements through the promotion of regenerative farming practices.