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Leading The Revolution: My Hemp Journey

Michael Bowman, AKA "Mr. Hemp", is the founding board chair of the National Hemp Association, and co-founder of First Crop. Read the full article HERE


First Crop Strengthens Team with Four New Hires

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Change in hemp law fuels ‘green gold rush’

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Santa Fe company provides hemp for hemp farmers

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Dave Weir CEO of First Crop: “In This Industry, Don’t Forget to Laugh”

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What is the Future of Agriculture? 18 Experts Share Their Insights

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Seeding the Hemp Revolution with First Crop

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Colorado Agriculture Director Has Big Plans for Hemp

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The new plan to remove a trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere: Bury it

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Hemp houses could be greener, fire-resistant and built like Lego

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Michael Bowman responsible for raising a hemp flag on the Capitol

Our very own Michael Bowman featured in the Washington Post Fed section the July 4, 2013 - getting the flag put on the Capitol.


Micah Nelson named to Board of Directors for National Hemp Association

Micah Nelson is the son of the notorious celebrity who is an advocate for cannabis and industrial hemp, Willie Nelson. Micah is following in his father’s footsteps in advocating for industrial hemp, as he has just been named as one of the Board of Directors for National Hemp Association.

Last weekend, the acclaimed musician, Micah, entertained fans at the Farm Aid 2016 last weekend by playing a hemp guitar. Micah is the founder of a band called Insects Vs Robots, which has been bringing experimental and boundary-less music to loyal fans since 2008.

Micah’s father, Willie Nelson, has been inducted into the National Agricultural Center Hall of Fame. In a press release from National Hemp Association, the organization’s chair, Michael Bowman, explained the similarities between Micah and his father.

“The passion for social and environmental justice was instilled in Micah,” Bowman said. “It is part of who he is. We could not be more excited to welcome him to our board. Like his father before him, Micah has a powerful passion for advocacy.”

Micah is already well-known for his advocacy toward industrial hemp legalization, which makes him a strong addition to the National Hemp Association’s Board of Directors. In a change.org petition, Micah has gathered over 50,000 signatures petitioning congress to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. The petition is called “Allow American Farmers to Grow Industrial Hemp.”

In this petition, Micah wrote, “In 1985, my dad, Willie Nelson, helped organize Farm Aid, a benefit concert for America’s family farmers. He’s always been dedicated to helping farmers and the environment—something he’s passed on to his children.” He continued to explain that not allowing American farmers to grow hemp is one of the most important issues in the United States.

Micah continued to explain how important it will be to allow American farmers to grow and sell hemp, which is an extremely useful, sustainable and economically vital plant that will help rural communities and to rebuild depleted soil.

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Renewable energy, rural interests ignite Coloradan Michael Bowman’s optimism

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Hemp legalization effort gathers steam

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Hemp Gets The Green Light In New Colorado Pot Measure

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Polis Amendment #192 is officially submitted and ready for this weeks Farm Bill Debate. many thanks to the congressman and his staff.

Tweeted by Michael Bowman June 17, 2013


The Squares Lose: Hemp Flag to Grace Capitol Building on July 4th

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An interview with Mr. Hemp:

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Virginia Hemp Farming Gets Push From Willie Nelson

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Valley is crucial to hemp comeback

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Micah Nelson

Recording Artist, Member of the National Hemp Association

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Hemp For Victory: Legacy Campaign to Revive an Embattled Nation

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