A note from First Crop's dermatologist

Dr. Jason Papenfuss, M.D., FAAD

Dr. Jason Papenfuss is a Board-Certified Dermatologist and an expert in skin care. You will find Jason’s many years of research and experience working with natural ingredients in each and every one of First Crop’s Well Healed body care products.

After four years of medical school, five years studying the science and health of the skin and twelve years as a practicing Dermatologist, I am delighted be working with First Crop to create a superior line of CBD skin care products.

The skin is a very complex system, vital in helping protect us from the world outside. Maintaining your skin health is important in slowing the visible signs of aging and protecting against the development of skin cancers. However, skin health is not just skin deep. Keeping your skin healthy also plays a role in maintaining overall health, boosting the immune system, and a promoting mental well-being.

When I was introduced to First Crop, I recognized a group of people who share with me a common goal: better skin through better products. As a resident of an agricultural area, I was also attracted to First Crop’s regenerative cultivation and business model and its dedication to creating positive economic and environmental change in our communities. As a father and medical practitioner, I know that the quality of our children’s future will rely on each and every one of us making smarter decisions about the products we use and the companies we support.

Hemp based consumer products utilize a sustainable crop and have far reaching applications. This includes the use of Hemp derived products in skin care. Historically, dermatologists have relied on the use of prescription medications for the treatment of skin disorders and the promotion of skin health. I have long believed, however, that this is only one piece of the puzzle. There is great medical potential in CBD and its derivatives. Additionally, Well Healed skin care products incorporate other key ingredients derived from nature. A rapidly growing body of medical research supports the use of these compounds, including CBD, in maintaining and improving skin health. At First Crop because we are committed to creating skin care and health care products using ingredients formulated by nature and proven by science.

In the future I will introduce you to the key ingredients found in our products, review their benefits, describe how they are used in our formulations and recommend products to address various skin conditions and promote individual skin health.

Kelly Roberts